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Noah's Ark, sustainable life at sea - i.m/u.r

Noah’s Ark, sustainable life at sea

With overcrowded cities and deserted countryside villages, a order cialis overnight. natural and sustainable solution for survival is life at sea.

For the past centuries, and especially in recent years, mankind has been generally deteriorating its life conditions and potentially harming its future in overpopulated metropolitan areas.

This year’s Honorable Mention for eVolo’sAi??2012 Skyscraper Competition, Aleksandar Joksimovic and Jelena Nikolic’s “Noah’s Ark”, addresses the problem with an alternative Ai??solution for life at sea.

Noahai??i??s Ark is a self-sustainable city on the water that can support all 1744 meds delivered overnight living species, from humans to animals and fish to plants and trees, that have been evicted from land by natural disasters, warfare, whatever disasters the end days may bring.

In addition to providing protection from these disasters, the Ark concept also addresses overcrowding on land: 72% of the earthai??i??s surface generic plavix release date, generic plavix release date, generic plavix release date, generic plavix release date, generic plavix release date, generic plavix release date, generic plavix release date, generic plavix release date. buy over the counter prednisone pills. is already covered by water, so extension of the urban city grid onto water is both logical and useful, as solar, wind and wave energies are easily captured at sea, and it is these natural energy sources that will power the development.

It is designed as part of a network consisting of other Arks, which connect with floating underwater tunnels and the main land. As the settlements grow, the Arks can attach to each other, creating one big artificial mainland from a series of artificial cipla india medicines, order z pack online. islands.

A large number of flexible cables connect the island to the oceanai??i??s bottom, providing stability, and an external wall as tall as 64 meters protects the island from hard sea winds and tsunamis. tadalafil cipla reviews. When emergencies of grave severity arise, residents can retreat to bubbles inside the depths of the islands for protection.

Underneath the island, great turbines attached to the bottom convert ocean currents to energy, and artificial coral coats the surfaces, encouraging the development of new albuterol inhaler for sale. ecosystems.

As a settlement, the Ark has everything residents need for comfort: residences, offices, recreation areas, parks and forests, and beaches. There is also a reserve for buy Tadacip online, fucidin cream uses thrush. dapoxetine without prescription. animals.

levothyroxine overnight.

Noah's Ark, by Aleksandar Joksimovic, Jelena Nikolic

If only on paper, some projects have been presented in the past, such as Shimizu Corporation’s “Green Float” or Sarly Adre Bin Sarkum’s “Water-Scraper” (a Special Mention itself, in 2010), but the project presented by the Serbian duo has a virtue of its own: it is a relatively basic and sustainable construction.

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