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Lifesize car built with Lego... runs on air! - i.m/u.r

Lifesize car built with Lego… runs on air!


If oneAi??bumps buy generic propecia uk into a lifesize Lego car,Ai??odds are it will be yellow and driven by a youth-minded enthusiast who will be able to the story about his first motorised miniature Lego car and all the little steps he took until the “grown up” version came to life.

How do you buy viagra levitra pharmacy support. . top that? Simple, make that car run or air!

It has been a while since a Lego 6-speed sequential gearbox gained awareness on YouTube, as well as a Lego V8 pneumatic engineAi??-Ai??for those who are not familiar withy car-related subjects,Ai??V8 is a synonym of “8 cylinders in a V-display” and it is a classic construction for a race carsAi??- but now, this team of Lego fans – self-named the “Super Awesome Micro Project” – simply pushed the boundaries a little further by building a life-size Lego engine (and car) that runs on air.

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Super Awesome Micro Project's engine

While gathering the required 500,000 lego pieces – which ended up costing around ai??i??45,000.00 ($60,000.00) – with the crowdfunding helpAi??of some 40 investors, Raul Oaida (Romania) and Steve Sammartino (Australia) took upon themselves the task of building a 256-pistons, compressed air engine, by putting together the technological skills of the Romanian and the entrepreneurship ones of the Australian.

That feat wasAi??accomplished in less than 20 months, still in Romania, and soon afterwards the car itself was completely built, capable of a respectable and safe speed of 20-27,5 Km/h order crestor online pharmesy, pfizer coupons for viagra. (12-17 mph).


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While transporting theAi??the car to Australia, some parts of the construction collapsed, which caused some delays in its much-anticipated Kamagra Chewable buy online, zithromax without prescription. and successful presentation in Melbourne.

Super Awesome Micro Project, by Raul Oaida and Steve Sammartino

Super Awesome Micro Project, by Raul Oaida and Steve Sammartino

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Super Awesome Micro Project partners

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