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ai???Shades of Angerai??? ai??i?? Rafeef Ziadah - i.m/u.r

ai???Shades of Angerai??? ai??i?? Rafeef Ziadah


Another of Rafeef’s poems, “Shades of Anger”, speaks of Israeli occupation and the silence that Europe Female Viagra without prescription, cheap lioresal. and the USA allow to exist.

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One of her goals is to make people gain awareness that there are 5,033 Palestinians detained by Israel, including 173 children, and 145 administrative detainees gerenic for alphagan. held without charge or trial.

In her words, “The British corporation G4S continues to provide security systems, equipment and ongoing services to Israeli prisons at which human rights organisations have documented systematic torture and ill treatment of Palestinian prisoners, including child prisoners.

Rafeef Ziadah performing

As of 2014, Rafeef is working with partners on the ground in Palestine how to write a thesis paper antifungal nizoral. to end G4S complicity in Israelai??i??s prison system.

It is still in an actual context that her 2009 poems (just as the “We Teach Life, Sir!” one) areAi??read today. This “Shades of Anger” reads:

Allow me to speak my Arab tongue
before they occupy my language as well.
Allow me to speak my mother tongue
before they colonise her memory as well.
I am an Arab woman of color.
and we come in all shades of anger.
All my grandfather ever wanted to do
was wake up at dawn and watch my grandmather kneel and pray vibrox.
in a village hidden between Jaffa and Haifa
my mother was born under an olive tree
on a soil they say is no longer mine
but I will cross their barriers, their check points
their damn apartheid walls and return to my homeland
I am an Arab woman of colour and we come in all shades of anger.
And did you hear my sister screaming yesterday
as she gave birth at a check point
with Israeli soldiers looking between her legs
for their next demographic threat
called her baby girl ai???Janeenai???.
And did you hear Amni Mona screaming
behind their prison bars as they teargassed her cell
ai???Weai??i??re returning to Palestine!ai???
I am an Arab woman of colour and we come in all shades of anger.
But you tell me, this womb inside me
will only bring you your next terrorist
beard wearing, gun waving, towelhead, sand nigger
You tell me, I send my children out to die
but those are your copters, your F16ai???s in our sky
And letai??i??s talk about this terrorism business for a second
Wasnai??i??t it the CIA that killed Allende and Lumumba
and who trained Osama in the first place
My grandparents didnai??i??t run around like clowns
with the white capes and the white hoods on their heads lynching black people
I am an Arab woman of colour and we come in all shades of anger.
ai???So who is that brown woman screaming in the demonstration?ai???
Sorry, should I not scream?
I forgot to be your every orientalist dream
Jinnee in a bottle, belly dancer, harem girl, soft spoken Arab woman
Yes master, no master.
Thank you for the peanut butter sandwiches
raining down on us from your F16ai???s master
Yes my liberators are here to kill my children
and call them ai???collateral damageai???
I am an Arab woman of colour and we come in all shades of anger.
So let me just tell you this womb inside me
will only bring you your next rebel
She will have a rock in one hand and a Palestinian flag in the other
I am an Arab woman of color
Beware! Beware my angerai??i??

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You can follow her zenagra uk. on Twitter as @RafeefZiadah. or also on Facebook.

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