Virtual reality in a cardboard, by Google

Google Cardboard

Google has just closed its Google I/O keynote offering us the Cardboard, a kit consisting of virtual reality goggles made ofAi??cardboard that can be built at home and with a companion free Android app.All in all, one does not need to spend a ton of money to live a virtual reality moment.

After all the fuss about Oculus Rift being bought by Facebook for that exorbitant amount (some $2,300,000,000.00 in cash and Facebook stock) and anticipating that their glasses price tag won’t be on the low end, this do-it-yourself virtual reality kit puts a smile in many people’s faces, including ours.

Some of the things you can do with Cardboard:

  • Visit Versailles with Tour Guide,
  • See interactive story Windy Day,
  • Examine artifacts from any angle,
  • Use the photo to see sphere spherical photos.

The kit can be built by anyone; in fact, it has to be, as it is yet not for sale. Their planning is available on this link and Google explains all you need to about its assembling:

  • The type of card to use (it can be a pizza box),
  • Characteristics of the lenses employed,
  • The type of magnets used,
  • Velcro,
  • Elastic, to hold the phone to the kit
  • NFC sticker that enables the Cardboard app connection, for when the phone is placed into position.
Google Cardboard (animation)

Google also provides tools that simplify some of the tasks development/creation of virtual reality applications, the VR Toolkit.

These tools are accompanied by a tutorial and documentation however, since the VR Toolkit is an experimental project, Google does not offer the same level of support it provides in other more matured development kits.

Two Google workers, Damien Henry and Daviz Coz (Google Cultural Institute, in Paris) developed the project as part of the ‘Project 20%’.
‘Projects 20%’ is a format that Google allows workers to work on original projects plus projects/tasks related to its pipeline of normal work.

The idea was so well received that more people wanted to join the project and create an experimental SDK.

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