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The electric side of Harley Davidson - i.m/u.r

The electric side of Harley Davidson


There is a certain roar every motorbike rider loves, and that is the “chopper”A�-A�it does sound like an helicopter – which is music to their ears.
What if they go silent?

Fear not, Harley Davidson is not mass-producing a silent engine for the XL Sportster, the Fatboy or the any of their most popular models.

The age of electric motorbike has arrived and Harley Davidson’s Project LiveWireA�is the brand’s response toA�the urban commute problem inA�an environmental responsible context.
The projectA�has long passedA�the brainstorm meetings and CAD evolutions… a prototype has surfaced and has already been tested by riders and enthusiasts in the USA, where an Electric Motorcycle Tour is in progress.

But, what is Project LiveWire?
From their website:

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Project LiveWirea�? is the next major milestone in the history of The Motor Company a�� The first Harley-DavidsonA� motorcycle with an electric engine. Wea��re developing this motorcycle the Harley-DavidsonA� way by bringing this innovation to the street to gain feedback from customers. Wea��re inviting customers to ride the motorcycle and tell us what they think. Even those who dona��t ride yet can take a ride on Jumpstarta�? Demo, a simulated riding experience that doesna��t require any experience or a motorcycle license.
Project LiveWirea�? is a Harley-DavidsonA� motorcycle, a pure expression of individuality and iconic style that just happens to be electric. Think electric guitar a�� not electric car. From the bold styling of its longitudinally mounted electric motor to its distinctive Harley-DavidsonA� look, sound and feel to its responsive acceleration and braking, ita��s built to be a Harley-DavidsonA� Motorcycle, with dimensions that are right at home on any city street.
Project LiveWirea�? motorcycles are not for sale. This is a journey wea��re taking with our customers to discover how good we can make the ride. Wea��re taking the Project LiveWirea�? motorcycle experience around the country this year, and continue in the US, Canada and Europe in 2015. Wea��ll gain feedback from real riders on what they are looking for in this type of vehicle from Harley-DavidsonA� Motorcycle. Any final decisions about whether to bring an electric motorcycle to market a�� and when a�� will be made at a later date.
The Project LiveWirea�? motorcycle is simply one of the ways we are exploring how we might further grow the diverse family of HarleyA� motorcycle riders. Ita��s also a great example of what our people and our powerful product development process can do.
This is a customer-led, grassroots approach to product innovation that truly springs from the rebel roots of our company. We ride with our customers to develop the motorcycles that truly fulfill their dreams. This summer through our U.S. tour, wea��re inviting customers to ride the motorcycle and give us feedback. Even those who dona��t ride yet can contribute by riding the bike on the Jumpstarta�? Demo a�� a simulated riding experience.

All fans are invited to participate in the evolution process of the prototype, whichA�will ultimately result in a production model.
For that, go to Twitter and use the #projectlivewire hashtag.

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