Your social self, as a job agency, getting paid for referrals

JobBox, how it works

Want to make the best of your social self existence? How about getting paid for valid and useful job referrals to an online job agency?

Based in Portugal, still in beta version, aims at making the best of your personal and skills knowledge to make job opportunities be filled more efficiently.

JobBox - hire origin chartAccording to JobBox’s website, most successful hires come from referrals (45%), while job boards (20%) and companies websites (15%)Ai??playAi??a smaller role as the origin of a recruitment process.

Oriented for the IT community, the platform has, in their own words, “tech recruitment taken to a whole new level” by selecting and interviewing techies and submitting them to a battery of tests (even culture-fit ones), then to be reviewed by field experts.

Out of this process comes a candidate shortlist ranking that will narrow the search to highly compatible matches.

The platform is simple and intuitive, having an effective search engineAi??and a comprehensive SERP (search engine results page) which will have candidates clicking jobs they are really interested in (kudos for the UX/UI team here!).

JobBox website search screencapture

The platform has an innovative approach to job seeking.
OneAi??can refer someone for the job but actually having to be referred by someone else to enter the selection process.

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