“27 Club” homage via Artificial Intelligence

The Lost Tapes - live (2021.March)

Project aims at using artificial intelligence to create an album the ’27 Club’ never had the chance to, encouraging more music industry insiders to get the mental health support they need, so they can continue making the music we all love for years to come.
Because even AI will never replace the real thing.

The creation process started by having an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm listen to isolated hooks, rhythms, melodies, and lyrics of ’27 Club’ musicians.
After that, an AI algorithm learned from the music, then generated a string of all-new hooks, rhythms, melodies, and lyrics.
Finally, an audio engineer took these AI-generated musical elements and composed the ‘Lost Tapes of the 27 Club’.

'27 Club' graffiti in TelAviv (2014.Oct.02)
’27 Club’ graffiti in TelAviv (2014.Oct.02)

The album/songs are available on Spotify and YouTube Music.
On their website, all questions are answered:

What is the 27 Club?

The ’27 Club’ is comprised of a number of musicians, artists, and actors who died at age 27 — most commonly from battling addiction, or where mental health issues had an impact on their cause of death.

Unfortunately, the 27 Club is forever ingrained in popular music history, as it includes names such as Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain or Amy Winehouse.
For a full list of 27 Club musicians and artists, you can read the Wikipedia article.

Why is the campaign called the ‘Lost Tapes of the 27 Club’?

‘Lost Tapes’ is a common naming convention in the music industry for recordings that were never widely released.
In this case, these are the songs that were quite literally lost due to ’27 Club’ artists dying young.

Why were these artists chosen?

There are, unfortunately, too many amazing ’27 Club’ artists to honour. However, to allow the AI to be as accurate as possible, the artists were selected for having a large catalogue of songs for the algorithm to learn from.

Are these really new songs by members of the 27 Club?

No. These artists left us at only 27 years old.
These songs were created using artificial intelligence.

Is the project affiliated with the ’27 Club’ artists?

‘Lost Tapes of the 27 Club’ is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with ’27 Club’ artists or their estates and any funds raised through this initiative go directly towards helping musicians and music industry insiders struggling with mental health.

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